What is a beer distributor?

Iowa’s independent beer distributors, entrusted with a privilege granted by both the state of Iowa and the federal government, receive brewer and importer shipments, warehouse and transport bottles, cans, cases and kegs to the shelf of every store, restaurant or neighborhood bar through a safe, transparent and accountable system and support brewers with a dedicated local sales and marketing force.

Iowa’s beer distributors work to introduce new brands into the market and to ensure that consumers can choose from a vast selection of beer driven by consumer demand. Hundreds of independent brands from more than 200 brewers are available on retail shelves across the state because of Iowa’s independent distribution system.

Iowa’s independent beer distribution facilities are local businesses that operate and employ people in every Iowa county. With an average annual wage of $51,000 per year plus benefits, Iowa beer distributors employ 1,500 people in rural and urban corners of the state. Being employed in the beer business is a refreshing and lucrative career choice. In fact, Iowa beer distributors’ employees command the highest wages in the state’s food and beverage industry.

Independent beer distributors do more than buy, store, market, merchandise, sell and deliver beer. They are small business owners, civic leaders, parents and philanthropists who are active in their communities. Beer distributors play a vital role in working to keep the communities where they live and work safe by sponsoring a wide array of programs to promote responsible and legal consumption, combat drunk driving and work to eliminate underage drinking.

Beer distributors value their role in the state-based system of alcohol regulation that works to keep communities and citizens safe while encouraging healthy competition and a robust marketplace.


Our Beer Distributors

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Iowa’s beer distributors cover every retail outlet in the state, from river to river and Minnesota to Missouri, paying an average wage of $51,532 per year.

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