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The Iowa Wholesale Beer Distributors Association (IWDBA) is a trade association whose purpose is to serve the member's companies and communities, and to preserve and protect their common legislative, regulatory and political interests.

The Association is organized to promote and reinforce distributors’ commitment to Iowa in three primary ways:

  • Advocating for a sustainable model of alcohol regulation with retailer and consumer protections

  • Support environmental policy that keeps beverage containers out of ditches and landfills

  • Promote a responsible drinking culture for people 21 and older



Public Policy

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Beer distributors support a responsible set of consumer and taxpayer safeguards in manufacturing, distribution and retail sales of alcohol. These protections provide a level playing field for alcohol industry members and are generally referred to as the three-tier-system.



This member benefit provides access to Iowa beer industry trends and statistics. Beerfax includes several custom tools to track and analyze Iowa beer sales and shipments.

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