The beer industry actively promotes responsible consumption of our products and is making a difference.

img_1189673792_14975_1195468733_mod_100_94As early as 1938, a group of pioneer beer distributors started meeting informally. Fred Nesbit, Sr. of Des Moines served as president and major spokesman for the group. By early 1945 the group was discussing a long-term direction for a beer wholesaler association in Iowa.

On December 3, 1945, the “Articles of Association” were adopted at the Roosevelt Hotel in Cedar Rapids. This marked the beginning of the Iowa Wholesale Beer Distributors Association as it is known today. The purpose of the Association is “to serve the members and protect their common economic, legislative, regulatory and political interests.” Throughout the Association’s history, members have volunteered to serve as leaders of their fellow distributors.

What is a Beer Distributor?

  • Beer distributors are the middle tier of a three-tier distribution system. They are the business men and women who purchase beer from brewers, deliver it to retailers and provide important sales supports including advertising, promotion and merchandising.
  • Iowa’s beer distributors are part of a proud tradition of family-owned and independently managed small businesses forming the backbone of Iowa’s economy.
  • Iowa’s beer distributors care how their businesses affect the community. They play a critical role in educating the public about the problems of drunk driving, alcohol abuse and illegal underage puchase and consumption of alcohol.

What is the Three-Tier System?

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